Visual Atelier 8:
Please introduce yourself
Hit hunter and well-educated but perpetually confused old man, constantly reinventing myself.
Describe your sound in 3 words.
Soft, deep, and authentic.
Major music influences?
Bon Iver, Nick Drake, and the Beach Boys. Big Thief is what I’m listening to the most at the moment. Their level of artistic expression is what I’m striving for.
How do you feel when you listen to your music?

Often in a deeper connection with myself.
What is this song about?
‘Just to Be with You’ is a song about wanting a deeper connection with the “Other”. But that interpretation may change in the future…
Your dream collaboration?
Bon Iver.
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Drinking coffee, talking, and cuddling with my wife, while listening to the birds in our garden. Everything at once.
Your favorite motivational quote?
“Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.” Oliver Wendall Holmes

Popmuzik: “A warm pop song with a pleasant electronic arrangement that found inspiration from M83, Nick Drake and Bon Iver”.
Caesar Live N Load: “Swedish singer and songwriter Bjorn Rydhog is back with his brand new single Just to Be With You, the follow-up single to the critically acclaimed Give Me Sunshine EP…This is a more modern and electronic sonority than his previous releases, but still melodious indie-pop at its best with just the right amount of retro atmosphere. It’s his smooth vocals, lush synths and overall airy atmosphere that keeps me coming back to it several times.”

Cheers To The Vikings: “This masterpiece “Give Me Sunshine” by the Swedish singer and songwriter Bjorn Rydhog is going to leave you stuck on repeat! The first few seconds of this song were enough to have us hooked. The lyrics are catchy and original and the vocal performance is beautiful and very professional. Bjorn Rydhog has one of the purest and richest voices we have ever heard. The melodies are unique and charming and the production work is good. The song comes with a wonderful music video that definitely would give you a better experience while listening. Bjorn Rydhog has so much talent and his lyrics are so touching.”
Caesar Live N Load
Come Here Floyd

Atwood Magazine
Skånska Dagbladet (In Swedish)
Lokaltidningen Limhamn/Bunkeflo

We Love That Sound (In German)

Indietronica: “It’s a special moment when you can really appreciate a song for its raw authenticity, and that’s exactly what Bjorn Rydhog provides with his latest single, ‘Into Your Heart’. The track introduces itself slowly, allowing you as the listener to settle into its vibe before Bjorn stuns us with his blissful vocals. Recorded in the legendary Tambourine Studios in Bjorn’s hometown of Malmö (Sweden), the singer takes us on an emotional and relaxing journey with the help from featured vocalist Moa McAllister from Peach Baby. The video for the melodic track is soft in its visual presentation with gentle beams of colours.”

Caesar Live N Load

We Love That Sound: (In German)

The songwriter Bjorn Rydhog from Malmö was in India for 5 months. All that he’s experienced and seen there, you can somehow hear in ‘Escape’. You can feel the joy in the melodies. A beautiful song for a road trip.

The Revue: Another Swedish artist we can’t get enough of is Bjorn Rydhog, a singer-songwriter who is also based in Malmö. Fans of mellow indie folk-pop, listen up: his is a voice you need to know immediately. As the world emerges from extended isolation, music like his is the perfect soundtrack for that transition. One spin of “Escape” proves that good things have indeed come from this year’s madness.
The first thing you notice about Rydhog is the warmth of his sound – from the rich vocals and dreamy harmonies to the delicate string-driven instrumentation. “Escape” is a song that invites you to relax in its calming embrace. Much like his modern folk contemporaries (Alexi Murdoch, José González), Bjorn Rydhog delivers intimacy that often becomes therapeutic. Listening becomes an act of surrender and relocation to a dream place as his lyrics describe

Rock The Pigeon
Ear To the Ground

Bongmines Entertainment

Music Injection

Ceasar Live N Load

Come Here Floyd

Music Is My Life